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AC-3 switchable sensitivity 12V-1000V 48V-1000V AC live wire testing voltage Detector with sound & Light alarm

       1. Non-contact, much safer
2. Sound & Light alarm
3. Live/Neutral wire identification
4. Inductive Breakpoint Testing
5. Switchable sensitivity 12V~1000V

6.  With induced voltage signal indicator

    AC voltage range

    The default range is 48~1000V;

    Press the “S” key to switch to 12~1000V



    Alarm type

    Sound & Light alarm

    Torch function

    White LED torch light

    Auto power off

    Auto shut down when no operation for 5 minutes & no voltage signal is detected

    Low battery indication

    3-times light flashes and once beeps sound when the voltage is2.6V

    Zero/Fire line recognition

    According to the signal strength, the fire wire is with strongest signal

    NCV sensitivity

    3 sensitivity indicators

    NCV sensitivity

    indication method

    Sound & Light alarm function: with different decibel alarm sounds, red/orange LED light shows the strength of the signal

    Working temperature

    0 ~ 40

    Storing temperature


    Safety level

    CAT.III 1000V / CAT.IV 600V

    Power supply

    2* 1.5V AAA battery

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